STep 1: Choose a hashtag (Category)

#UrbanDisc #NoHandsGame #FrisbeeFail #DiscTeamWork #HighDiff #KickTheDisc #OldschoolFrisbee #DiscFlow #MultiDisc #PrettyFlight

STEP 2: Shoot a clip

Be creative and shoot your #FrisbeeOscarz clip.

STEP 3: upload it to social media

Post it on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube and collect Likes to win.

Don’t forget to use the #FrisbeeOscarz hashtag and the one you chose. For example: #FrisbeeOscarz + #UrbanDisc

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The Complete FrisbeeOscarz Feed

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Wowa Wagner


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Daniel Weinbuch


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Tobias Künzel


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Jakub Matula


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